The Mystical Lenormand

I decided to pull a few cards for myself. I asked about the New Moon and what I should expect. The significator card (“Lady”) represents me, and the three cards below represent the Gemini New Moon.

I’ll be honest, I was a bit surprised by the positivity in this spread. I tend to expect the worse (thanks to my Moon/Saturn conjunction) tomorrow’s New Moon is my lunar return, with both the Sun/Moon conjunct my natal Moon in the 9th. My Lunar return chart has Scorpio rising (11 degrees) with both Jupiter and the Part of fortune tightly conjunct the ascendant.

The Fish card is often associated with spending, wealth, commerce, etc. Fish + Ship is money possibly coming in through moving/travel or foreign affairs. I received a job offer last week (nothing glamorous) and this is more than likely associated with these two cards. It’s a shift in energy that will allow me to expand (Ship) financially (Fish)

It Seems like I’ll make a good impression (thank you, Libra Rising😉) with the “Stars” as the final card. I love the little kitty gazing out of the window into the night sky. The Stars card is hope, dreams, goals and fame. I’m certainly not looking to be famous (I’m not built for that kind of thing) but it seems this new Moon will bring some luck (Part of Fortune) and blessings (Jupiter) my way. I hope so, because I could use a little luck.