The Obsidian Oracle

The past two months have been extremely difficult for me emotionally. I can’t lie: I was on the brink of a full mental breakdown back in March. I took a leave of absence from my job. Mentally and emotionally I wasn’t fit to deal with work, or anything else, for that matter. I had some extremely dark moments in March: Anxiety, feelings of terror, obsessing over death and dying, lack of sleep; I knew it was time for me to withdraw for a bit. I stopped watching the news, took a break from social media, and muted everyone who talked about the pandemic non-stop.

I decided to pull two cards for myself in honor of the Gemini New Moon. This New Moon is currently in my 8th house. Luckily transiting Moon energy is fleeting. I always deal with feelings of emotional heaviness when the Moon enters Gemini, mainly because the Gemini Moon touches my Saturn in Gemini and opposes my Neptune. These two cards combined offered up feelings of guidance and support. The Moon, in her full state, offers completion and illuminating light.

While Canaries have the dismal association of being lowered into mines, they are also lively and intelligent little creatures (quite friendly as well. I held one as a child) I love the image in the photo above. The canary grasps an Aquamarine in its claw. Aquamarine happens to be my birthstone. It is cleansing and provides protection. These two cards are a symbol of light in dark times. No storm lasts forever and I feel as though it’s safe to come out of my hiding place, so to speak.

Gemini rules the brain and nervous system so this new moon is the perfect time to give ourselves some mental stimulation. The positive kind. Not the kind of over-thinking that stems from a lot of the toxic social media imagery we absorb day in and day out. Journaling, sharing ideas, starting a new hobby, and learning new skills is a great way to tap into this new moon energy.