The Manzel’s Tarot

My name is Nicole and welcome to Venus in Ascending. This is the “sister” site to my Astrology blog, “Venus in The Fifth.” This blog is dedicated to my love of Tarot and Oracle cards. My love for tarot began when I was a freshman in high school and working in the metaphysical section of a local bookstore. Oracle/Tarot cards are more than tools for prediction: I use them for healing work and a better understanding of who I am.

The content here is a bit more personal in nature: I’ll be using cards for dream analysis, music, literature and whatever else my heart desires. I will also be doing reviews of new decks that I purchase. Occasionally I will answer questions using some of my favorite cards (this will only happen on rare occasions) but for the most part, this is a simple space for me to share some of my creative ideas with divination cards as my assistant.