Deck: Mystic Sisters Oracle Deck

It’s hard to believe I haven’t written on this blog in almost two years. My last post was in December 2018. I wasn’t feeling very inspired or motivated to write at the time. These are strange times we are living in, and in the midst of this pandemic, I found myself journaling again. I figured since I am currently in limbo in terms of my job, a little diary-keeping could do me some good.

This morning I had some tea, wrote in my journal, and pulled a card asking about this coming week. Under this current Sagittarius Moon, I pulled the Artemis card.

I’ve been asking myself since the loss of my job and my self-isolation, what is the message for me in all of this? Artemis is the huntress, constantly seeking perfect aim. One thing hunting and aiming require is patience. I’m learning to not only be patient with myself but to also be kind to myself. Artemis for me is passion and an adventurous spirit. I’m being asked to focus on what I’m passionate about, and for the most part, that’s my writing and storytelling. I’m not particularly passionate about my job. Granted, it pays the bills, but it’s not something that inspires me.

This card reminds me of all the seeking and knowledge Artemis pursued and the discipline that is required to be good at what we’re passionate about. Saturn in Capricorn is currently in my 4th house opposite my natal 10th house. This current period of isolation (Saturn) in my home (4th) has certainly given me time to think about my career, dreams, goals, and the things that truly feed my spirit.