The Wisdom of Natural Hair Oracle

It seems like ages since I’ve published a post here. Sometimes, I’m learning, life get’s in the way. The above card (“Honor you hair’s femininity”) reminds me of me, my daughter, and my grandmother. I’ve been looking into my roots lately and I’ve discovered the names of my maternal great-great-grandmother, and my great-great-great-grandmother (who was born on a plantation in North Carolina) I was fortunate enough to know great-grandmother (her name was, Ollie) and one evening I started to remember some of the conversations we had when I would visit her while still in high-school. She was a Libra (Like my daughter) extremely outspoken, and quite the fashionista. I remember our last conversation like it was yesterday: I had visited her in her Harlem apartment and we talked about her marriage, family, and being women in general. She told me how much she loved our conversation and revealed how little she knew about me even though we lived close. This was mainly due to me being quiet and somewhat closed off.

These memories of my great-grandmother triggered my journey into finding my roots, especially when it comes to the women in my family. My Solar Return for 2018 has Saturn, Pluto, and the Moon in the 4th house. The 4th is our ancestral home, family, roots, and where we live/reside. It seems as though I’m being cosmically pushed to find out more about my family’s history. I have Jupiter in Aquarius in the 4th, so I come from a pretty lively, colorful, and somewhat eccentric family. My maternal grandmother loved to entertain, and there was always music flowing and immediate family over having boisterous conversations. Home has always been very important to me. I’ve been redecorating mine, actually.

Currently transiting Chiron in Aries is opposing my natal Pluto in the 12th. There’s been a lot of hidden wounds that have been triggered lately and it hasn’t been easy to deal with. I’ve made an appointment with my doctor in order to get a referral for therapy. I used to go ages ago and it was a tremendous help. I carry a lot of ancestral energy from the women in my family who came before me. It’s a heavy load indeed. I think about my daughter, a vibrant 10-year old, and I definitely don’t want to project any of my insecurities onto her.

I’m growing. It hurts like hell, but at least it’s happening.