The Crystal Oracle

This New Moon in Virgo at 27 degrees [1:30 AM EST] is a call to self-awareness and putting in the work in order for us to become our most authentic selves.

Malachite Keywords: Healing – Change – Insight – Loyalty.

Chiron’s opposition to the New Moon has a critical energy to it that may have us questioning our sense of self and self-worth. “Am I enough?”, “Am I good enough?” This isn’t a race, and comparing our progress to others may trigger self-defeating behavior. There is confusion in terms of who we are and how we view ourselves. The beauty of this New Moon is Virgo’s ability to make something from nothing with hardworking and analytical flair, and most importantly, results. Malachite’s purpose as a healing stone is to usher in healing, change, and loyalty. Sun/Moon conjunct can create a space to be loyal to our emotional (Moon) development and the essence of who we are (Sun)

Crocoite Keywords: Change – Creativity -Sexuality

Neptune’s opposition to Mars and Mercury can be both a blessing and a curse. Neptune/Mars may pose a challenge when it comes to asserting ourselves and Neptune/Mercury can make it difficult for us to express ourselves in tangible ways. Somehow what we’re trying to bring forth is lost in translation.

Yet there is beauty and inspiration with these Neptune aspects, especially when it comes to creative expression. Neptune/Mercury is the eternal poet. Using the pen as a vehicle to the spirit realm through journaling, and even writing spells can be beneficial during this time. Just make sure you are clear when it comes to your intentions.


While Crocoite is a sexual stone I see its sexual energy expressed in a more tantric way with Neptune/Mars. We may also have an opportunity to make our dreams a reality, an opportunity to bring spiritual ideas and dreams into action.

Gold W/ Quartz Keywords: Physical Grounding – Abstract Ideas & Inspiration

Virgo has always been a sign of healing for me (especially when it comes to health and nutrition) Gold/Quartz, a metal/crystal associated with physical grounding, ties in perfectly to the earthiness of Virgo energy. The body is more susceptible to illness when we don’t ground ourselves. Looking to new and innovative ways to heal our body (Virgo), Mind (Mercury), and Spirit (Neptune) provides a key to better understanding what our purpose is.