Dreaming has always played a huge role in my spiritual development and outlook. I’ve kept a dream journal ever since I was a young girl. Recently, for the past year, I’ve been dreaming of my grandmother’s apartment. My grandmother raised me and we were quite close. Her Capricorn Sun conjuncts my North Node as well as my 4th house cusp. She had a huge impact on me and her sudden death in 2005 left me shattered and devastated.

Around the summer of 2014 I started having a series of dreams that involved her apartment in Manhattan. No matter what the theme, I always wound up in her home. Even famous people I would dream about would be sitting in her living room or walking around. This leads me to a dream I had last night:

The dream starts with me in my old room in my grandmother’s apartment. I’m standing in front of the dresser sliding multiple bracelets on my arms. Hearing a noise in the hallway, I turn to see a group of people walking past my door. All of them are walking dogs in a single line. More people begin to walk past the door and it never seems to end. I wait patiently for them to walk past so I can leave the room and go to my destination.

Once the people pass I can hear my older sister laughing in the living room with some friends. I head for the front door and they begin to ask me where I’m going. I smile, give them no info, and then leave the apartment. The next thing I know I am in a school walking up the stairs with my daughter. I peek inside of a small classroom to see an old woman sitting in a chair by the door. Her chair is making it difficult for me to push the door open. I try and speak to her but she just looks at me, nods, and then the dream ends.

I chose to work with the Vintage Wisdom Oracle By Victoria Mosley. Not only is it beautiful; it’s also quite emotional. As I shuffled I asked what message was being sent to me through the dream. I pulled, Ancestors and Grace. The ancestor card didn’t surprise me since the dream took place in my grandmother’s home. Our ancestors play such an important role in our soul journey here on earth. During the dream I felt impatient when the group of people took too long to leave the apartment and I also remember feeling very emotional when the old woman wouldn’t communicate with me. This is where the, ‘Grace,’ card comes in. I’ve been under a lot of emotional stress lately, especially when it comes to my health. I had blood work done and while the results came back normal, I’m still worried. Chiron sits in my 6th house of health and I have to admit I am obsessed with my health and being sick. I have yet another test on Monday and I feel as though my ancestors are telling me to handle this fear with grace and understanding.

In the tradition of religion, ‘Grace’ means, “Loving kindness of God.” I’ve been over-analyzing almost everything and it’s actually contributing to the overall feeling of sickness in my body. This dream and the cards above are a powerful message: I’m not alone in all of this and I will certainly pull through.