Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle

These little cards are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. They are eerily accurate and straight to the point.

I haven’t posted on my Astrology blog in God knows how long. It’s been almost a year. I uploaded a quick astrology post on Brad Pitt and Angelina and called it a day. I just haven’t felt passionate or motivated when it comes to astrology.

So of course, I pulled some cards about the situation:

Fire + Wall + Time


I immediately knew what these cards were trying to tell me: my passion (Fire) and drive when it comes to keeping an astrology blog is completely blocked (Wall) Fire has always been a symbol of initiative and motivation. I simply don’t have the energy at this point.

I’ve been at this for a minute now (Time) and I’m a lot older. I still love writing about astrology in my journal and posting a little blurb every now and then, but the dream of being this accomplished, successful, popular astrologer fizzled our ages ago. I just don’t care enough anymore. It’s run it’s course (time)

Feeling pressure to write daily posts also caused me to feel burned out and unhappy.

I’ve also cut back on doing readings for others (it was becoming exhausting) and I’ve been focusing more on tarot/Oracle readings. The visual aspect of working with divination cards really speaks to me.

I suppose everything in life is a cycle.