The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus

In The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus, the Abbess of Stars in the Queen of Swords. The image is Abbess Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) she was an expert herbalist during her time and a gifted visionary. At the tender age of fourteen she was given to the church and became a nun. Her visions at a young age gave her fame.

Like Saturn, the Queen of Swords can be a harsh critic and like most concerned “parents,” Saturn, only wants what’s best for us. The Queen of Swords often serves up the truth with a painful sting and is more concerned with the head than the heart. She’s self-reliant and encourages us to be realistic (Saturn) when it comes to our expectations. How Saturnian is that? There’s also a feeling of sadness and repressed emotions. Saturn’s current square to Venus gives us a strong sense of duty making it difficult to let love in. The Queen of Swords is also associated with divorce; the eternal spinster. Yet I feel as though she’s giving us a different message here: while being alone/loneliness (Venus/Saturn) may hurt a bit turning inward may be the medicine we need.

During this period Saturn will force us to buckle down and focus on self-discipline and other aspects of our lives that may make us feel uncomfortable. We’re going from apprentice to master. Saturn always has a nice reward waiting for us after the hard work is done.

Today Saturn’s square to Neptune may have us questioning our faith/dreams and finding it difficult to get clarity on what our goals truly are. We’re going to have to bust our butts and make some sacrifices along the way in order to make our dreams (Neptune) a reality (Saturn)  Neptune in Pisces also opposes Venus in Virgo creating escapist tendencies if we’re not careful. This is understandable considering how difficult stressful Saturn transits can be. This aspect is part of a tense T-square with Saturn as the apex. We may be tempted to “check-out” during this period but Saturn certainly isn’t going to allow that to happen. Take advice from the Queen of Swords and be as upfront as possible. Deception (Neptune) can backfire and lord knows we don’t need that!

This has been a particularly challenging astrological phase for me. Neptune opposes Saturn in my natal chart and my Venus in Pisces squares both Saturn/Neptune. Transiting Neptune is currently on my natal Venus as well. Stressful Saturn/Neptune  aspects (both in the natal chart and by transit) can create anxiety, fear, and past-life triggers and constant burdens that make us feel isolated. Spending time out doors and not taking on more than we can handle can certainly help. Learning to say “No” can do wonders as well. Saturn types hate to let anyone down. Seeing what house is ruled by Sagittarius and where Jupiter resides in the natal chart can give more insight.

If there are any Saturn/Neptune people out there I would love to hear what Saturn healing/relaxation techniques you use!