The Tarot of Cat People

Victim hood and feeling as though we’ve been treated unfairly is what drives us to accomplish and achieve. We certainly have something to prove, and if any sign can get the job done its, Capricorn.

This is a spread that symbolizes achieving the impossible dream, believing in yourself and new plans (7 of Swords) Mars in Capricorn expresses itself in cautious, yet ambitious ways; The Ace of Swords, while associated with Air/Mercury, functions in a very Mars-like way (especially within this spread) being assertive (Mars) and initiating (swords) ideas and solid plans (Capricorn) is what’s being asked of us. Mars in Capricorn is telling us to get to the heart of the issue, maintain self-discipline and make things happen. This isn’t a pie in the sky scenario. Capricorn requires tangible/earthy results.

In your chart, see what house is ruled by Capricorn (and any Capricorn planets if you have any) this is where disciplined focus needs to be channeled. The Uranus/Saturn in Capricorn generation as well as those with planets in Cancer may be feeling this energy more powerfully than others.

For instance, I have Mars in Capricorn @ 19 degrees in the 3rd house. I’ll be experiencing my Mars return (I also have the North Node and the asteroid Karma in Capricorn) and I’m focusing on my writing (3rd house is associated with writing and communication) with Mars approaching my North Node (which technically in the 4th) I’m being asked to be a bit more self-reliant and not focus so much on approval outside of myself (South Node in Cancer in the 10th) there also needs to be some boundaries set up at work (Cancer rules my 10th/career house) I tend to treat co-workers/clients as family and it’s creating problems.