Wisdom of The Oracle

Tomorrows New Moon is regal indeed! Leo wouldn’t have it any other way. I shuffled my deck and asked about the energy of the New Moon. What is the message? What is spirit/universe trying to tell us?

The very first card, and the major focus is, Unfinished Symphony. We have quite a few Rx planets (Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes) we’re dealing with and this can indicate a lack of closure or something we’ve been putting off that needs to be addressed. Rx cycles give us the ability revisit situations that need our attention. While Rx phases can be associated with delays (delays aren’t always a bad thing) they can also give further insight into something we may have overlooked. Tying up loose ends/unfinished business gives us the opportunity to start anew and move forward. The New Moon’s fiery Leo energy in addition to Mars’ ingress into Sagittarius gives us the boost we need.

The second card is, Loyal Heart. The New Moon forms a trine to Saturn, a planet associated with dedication and hard work. Saturn can be quite stoic and cold, but the trine to both the Sun and Moon gives a soft and supportive vibe. If any sign is known for it’s generosity and big heart it’s the lion. Loyalty to others isn’t the only focus: spirit is encouraging us to be loyal to ourselves as well. After all, the Sun is the self/life force. The ones that truly love you and support you will make themselves known during this time.

The third and final card is, Poised. For me this is the essence of the New Moon; putting our best foot forward and allowing ourselves to shine. Mars’ ingress into Sagittarius on the same day seems to support the boost in confidence that we may all be feeling. The dark goddess, Lilith, squares the New Moon and while success is at our fingertips try not to be so entitled. The cosmos is offering up quite a few gifts during this New Moon. It would be a shame to miss out on these opportunities due to jealousy and manipulation.

If possible make a small offering to the Sun. From the great Hindu solar God, Indra, to Apollo and Ra, the Sun is a powerful symbol of life, health and strength. Yellow fruits, yellow flowers and the color gold can be added to an altar.