Gilded Reverie Lenormand

I had a dream I was a caretaker for this family. It’s obvious one of their sons had passed away. He was really gorgeous. He looked of middle eastern descent. He had tan skin, dark eyes and facial hair. In terms of his age, he looked about 26 years old.

I was in the late sons’ bedroom tidying up when I heard the family talking in the living room. His brother (who was black) was asking the family: “Why do you think he loved Nicole so much”?

I was shocked to hear my name mentioned. Then I heard someone else chime in: “He didn’t treat her like hired help.”

The brother then replied: “One day I was talking to him, and he said, “I really like Nicole. I just love her.”

I came out of the bedroom and there was a funeral program in the living room. It was thick, with a hard cover, like a yearbook. In it was pictures of the deceased. He looked handsome in every picture. There were photos of him playing with a child, and one of him smiling by a sunny window. It was the window from the room I had just walked out of.

The family left the living room and the brother went outside onto this little porch on the side of the house. He was sitting at a desk with a laptop. I peeked out the door at him and he said, “Your face is perfect. You’re just so beautiful”

It shocked me to hear such a compliment about my looks because I’m pretty average.

I then asked him about his grandmother who had left the living room. I wanted to know if she still needed home care or would her case be closing due to her grandson, and his brother, passing away. He said, “I can’t answer that.”

I decided to pull some cards for this lovely, yet peculiar dream. I used the “Man” card as the significator of the reading since the focus of my dream was the young man who had passed away.

What struck me is how the man in this Lenormand deck is sitting near a sunny window. Just like the window in my dream. The “Sun” card also pops up in this reading as well:

Man + Sun + Birds + Lilies

This is one of those dreams that isn’t very complicated. Its straight to the point. The cards reveal it is a pure message of love and positivity from a male spirit.

The “Birds” represent messages and communication. Their location directly under the Man card indicate a message from a Man. The Sun/Birds is a positive (Sun) message (Birds). It can also be shining a light on communication with an older (Lily) male figure.

The “Lilies” card is a symbol of peace, serenity and calm. It also symbolizes a father figure and an established individual. It is a representation of chastity and purity. The guy in my dream seemed way too young to be a father figure, yet his message of love and care for me certainly felt paternal.