The Gilded Reverie Lenormand

Could a career change bring more money?

I’ve been thinking about leaving the field I’m in (medical) for good. Everytime I leave CNA work I come crawling back to a different facility and the same amount of unhappiness and stress. It’s time to move on, and I’m scared. I have Cancer ruling my career house (10th) which is the perfect placement for nurturing and caring for others. Yet the ruler of my 10th (Moon) sits in the 9th house of higher learning and philosophical studies. I feel as though I can nurture people in different ways. Being around sick people every day is starting to take it’s toll on me emotionally and even physically.

I’ve been looking into writing horoscopes (and possible e-books) I have no experience as a freelance writer (or horoscope writer for that matter) but the majority of horoscope writer’s aren’t even actual astrologers. I actually have knowledge and the research/essays to back it up.

Yet I’m still not confident in my skills.

I decided to pull 3 Lenormand cards about a career change and what the possible outcome could be. Here are the cards I pulled:

Dog + Stork + Fish

Let’s start with The Dog card. The dog is someone who is trustworthy and a loyal friend. He’s a supportive symbol and an indication of a friendly work environment. This brings me to the plethora of planets in my solar return 4th house. I do want to work/write from home (4th). Doing horoscopes would allow me to do so. There may also be someone who is of assistance to me in this field that could give me the supportive boost I need to get moving.

The Second card is the Stork. The stork is usually associated with change and relocating. It’s basically a card of movement. The stork is right next to the Fish which is a financial card. This is definitely a sign of financial growth and moving forward; a shift from one field to the next. This move (Stork) could be lucrative (Fish)

These two cards could be Jupiter in my solar return 2nd house. There could be an expansion in terms of resources. Transiting Saturn in Capricorn in my natal 4th (as well as my solar return 4th) opposite my career 10th house could merely be the hard work I’ll be putting in if I write and work from home. Doing weekly and monthly horoscopes requires a certain level of focus, especially for 12 signs. You’re also given only a few paragraphs to say all that needs to be said. This is the part that I find the most challenging: Keeping things short and sweet isn’t something I’m used to. Writing detailed astrological analyses complete with aspects, house placements, and asteroids is how I spend most of my time as an astrologer. You would think with this kind of experience and understanding under my belt I wouldn’t be feeling so apprehensive.

I feel myself being called to do more with my life and the gifts I possess. I just need the courage to make it happen.