The Enchanted Map Oracle – Goblin

“Fear is an illusion…”

This “Goblin” card is very much the trickster. Causing one to see things that aren’t really there. Today was a difficult day for me emotionally. Currently the transiting Moon in Sagittarius at 14° is opposing my natal Saturn in the 8th. I was dealing with a lot of self-doubt, especially when it came to my writing and creativity. I had convinced myself today that I was unworthy, un-lovable and simply not good at anything.

This is what Saturn in it’s lower vibration can symboloze: Fear.

There was an emotional heaviness that kept me awake last night. I kept playing my failures over and over again in my head. I became angry with myself for not posting more often and started to even question my abilities as an astrologer.

Goblins manifest when we focus on negative thinking/self-talk and allow our fears to consume us. They visit when we don’t work on forgiveness, especially when we don’t forgive ourselves. We also live in a society that is heavily focused on productivity. I often feel as though I’m worthless if I’m not working myself to death or juggling multiple projects. My Moon, ruler of my career house, is conjunct Saturn and square Mercury. I’m the Queen of self doubt and negative thinking. Mainly when it comes to myself. I’m real quick to support and nurture the dreams of others while simutaneously shitting on my own. It’s something I really need to work on.