The Vampire Tarot – Aquarius Lunar Eclipse 15 Degrees

This Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius at 15 Degrees on August 7th [2:11 PM EST]  is quite potent with a focus on personal power and independence.

The Aquarius Moon forms a lovely trine to Jupiter in Libra letting us know that there are no limits to what we can accomplish. The Magician is a perfect symbol of this expansive energy: everything we desire is right at our fingertips and we have the tools and self-confidence to get the job done. The Leo Sun is a master showman (Magician) who may not be too thrilled about sharing the spotlight with the collective (Aquarius). This is where the challenge comes in. Can we put aside our egos for the greater good? Can we find a way to feed our own needs and desire to shine without being too forceful? (Mars in Leo)

WRIGJ1AThe Moon/Sun opposition conjuncts Sun) and opposes (Moon) Mars in Leo. Mars in Leo loves to run the show and the very idea of group interaction could have us feeling trapped and looking for the nearest exit. The 7 of Swords sends a message that our perceived entrapment could very well trigger us to make some deceptive moves in order to stay ahead of the game (Mercury in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces) sometimes our worse enemy is ourselves. There is a possibility that we may be putting limitations on ourselves and this energy can be projected onto those around us. Our independence and desire for recognition can have us bucking against any situation that feels stifling. A brave new approach is needed in order to get the spotlight we feel we deserve. Just make sure it’s ethical! Leo is quite magnetic and thrives on admiration. Sun/Mars conjunct in Leo can be a major drama queen when they don’t get what they want.

The Empress offers nurturing comfort through Ceres in Cancer’s conjunction to Venus and trine to mystical Neptune in Pisces. Like Ceres, mother to Persephone, the Empress understands the cycles of life and nature. Juno’s opposition to Venus has our personal needs in direct conflict with how we express and receive love from others. There could be some tension with an important female figure in our lives (Empress/Ceres) that may need to be addressed. Luckily Neptune’s gentle rays provides a safe space for us to express ourselves with understanding and sympathy. Just make sure your words are genuine. Mercury in practical Virgo opposite Neptune may create vague and confusing communication that can make matters worse.