As always I’m extremely excited whenever I see an astrologically-themed deck floating around the oracle/tarot universe. The Astrology Reading Cards deck is visually stunning (illustrations by Richard Crookes) and is more detailed an in-depth than the, Ask Astro Star Kards. Consisting of 36 cards divided into 3 sets (houses, planets and signs) each set of cards can be shuffled individually, or shuffled all together for a more impromptu reading experience. I preferred this method as it gave my reading a more organic feel. 

The cards come with a 95-page book that gives insight into each sign, house, and planet. The planetoid Chiron is included in this deck as well as the asteroid, Vesta, which was a pleasant surprise. It would have been a wonderful edition if other asteroid goddesses such as, Juno, Ceres, and Pallas were included; despite this omission the deck is a joy to work with and if you’re someone who enjoys combining astrological patterns/insight with oracle cards this is the deck for you.

The only complaint I have is the card stock. It’s extremely thin and makes shuffling each set of cards frustrating.