The Crystal Oracle

This New Moon in Scorpio at 7 degrees [1:38 PM EST] is quite bewitching with it’s trine to Neptune/South Node in Pisces and conjunction to Mercury. I pulled 3 cards from The Crystal Oracle and they tied into this New Moon perfectly. 

Amber Keywords: PurificationCreativityTransparency.

Scorpio is very much a sign that deals with purification and purging. Transparency can be a challenge due to Scorpio’s private nature but with the New Moon’s trine to Neptune the veil between the physical world and mystical world will be quite thin. Neptunian energy, especially in Pisces, lacks boundaries and merging with those around us won’t be as challenging, but we still have to shield ourselves from absorbing too much. Psychic powers can be dangerous when not harnessed properly. Shielding yourself from energy vampires is a must. Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto possesses the purification abilities that Amber symbolizes and now is the time to clean up some of the emotional and psychic clutter that has been building up.

The Amber card also represents friction and tension. We see this energy with the Mars/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries.

Despite these few hiccups this new moon is very creative [Mercury/Neptune] and tinged with fantasy/eroticism.

Selenite Keywords: TelepathySoul connection s-nm

Mercury in Scorpio conjunct the New Moon and trine Neptune/South node is very much a telepathic soul bond from the past [South Node] These types of connections aren’t always romantic in nature. Connecting with loved ones on the other side and regenerative gifts [which Scorpio is known for] may be at an all time high. Romantic relationships around this time are deep and may trigger projection; When you combine the powerful intensity of Scorpio with the dreamy [Pisces] idealism of Neptune you unlock a Pandora’s box of romance and surrealism.

Labradorite Keywords: Telepathic communicationProphecyAurasEnergy.

Yet another card/crystal associated with telepathic communication! For those who do energy work and communicate with spirits this new moon will be extremely powerful. Scorpio is often linked to death [Pluto] and it being one of the water signs makes it a sign sign that is highly intuitive/prophetic. Visions will more clear, picking up on the energy of those around us will be more profound, and as I mentioned above, the line between the spirit world and the earthly realm is blurred big time. Healing work is also encouraged: Neptune in Pisces touching this New Moon makes for a wonderful opportunity to work with those in need of spiritual assistance and care. Try to offer a healing and helping hand. Your mystical gifts are meant to be shared.