The XIII Tarot

The Birth of VenusVenus, the goddess of love, entered Libra on November 8th. Venus is very much our desire and yearning for love, what we find beautiful, and how we express love. Venus in air signs always interests me. Love is often expressed in intellectual ways; there’s a strong desire for a meeting of minds when Venus is in an air sign. Libra is known for its charm, diplomacy and fairness. The only downside with this energy is Libra’s need to avoid the unpleasantries of life.

I asked my deck what should I expect with transiting Venus now in Libra. She currently sits in my 12th house conjunct Pluto and trine Jupiter in Aquarius in the 4th. Interestingly enough, I pulled The Emperor card. I’ve actually pulled this card three times this week. I’ve also had back to back dreams about Jimi Hendrix. Now, this may sound weird, but I have a strong spiritual connection to Jimi. He feels familiar to me. With Venus in my 12th house I’ve had extremely vivid dreams night after night. Could the Emperor be trying to tell me something

The Emperor is masculine energy; he’s a father, brother, and often a powerful male influence. Filled with worldly power, he symbolizes Libra’s opposite sign, Aries. For me he represents me taking stock of my life and attaining my goals. Venus in my 12th has me working behind the scenes. I’ve been withdrawing quite a bit and doing lot’s of creative writing (very Venusian; Venus is the arts as well) the 12th house is also the house of self-undoing and I’m taking a long hard look at some of the self-defeating behaviour I’m known for. This is a time for harmony (Venus/Libra) and accomplishment (Emperor)